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Venture West Native Arts
John and Meredith Sbragia - Art Dealers and Managers

As art dealers and representatives for Native artists throughout British Columbia, our home-based business has grown steadily over the last twenty years into an enterprise with a large and faithful customer base. Completing classical studies in Montreal gave me an abiding love for the humanities whereas my wife's university courses in Native Anthropology reflected her particular interests. Living and working in many of the Native villages in Northern British Columbia during the early 70's deeply transformed our lives and has permitted us to act as a bridge between our two cultures. Our shared love for Northwest Coast Native art and culture has developed into a trusting and long term working relationship with some of Canada's finest West Coast native artists.

Venture West Native Arts has been promoting Canada's West Coast Native artworks since 1980. The company provides a unique, personalized service to individuals and organizations in the supply of West Coast Native sterling silver and gold jewellery, wood carvings such as masks, bowls, plaques, boxes, shadow boxes, miniature collectible carvings and letter openers. We also provide a variety of other artworks and gift items such as plated silverware, semi-precious stone jewellery, cedar jewellery, and dream catchers. From Vancouver's North Shore to the Queen Charlotte Islands, the company has established a long term business relationship with a number of British Columbia's talented and well-established Native artists and artisans. Working from a home-based studio/office in Deep Cove, we showcase traditional Northwest Coast Native artworks at numerous venues in various areas of Vancouver and the surrounding Lower Mainland, including various shows, conventions, craft exhibits and Native events. Our schedule of shows is available upon request. We have been called upon to provide gifts for a variety of individuals and organizations...

  • Birthdays, Wedding, Anniversary, or Christmas gifts for Friends, Family, Staff, Clients and Associates...
  • Gifts for Staff Retirement, Recognition and Incentive, Graduation, Exceptional Service, Promotions or to mark a Special Occasion
  • Ideal Gift from Canada's West Coast for Guests or Travelers, VIPs or Executives, Conference/Convention Delegates and Speakers

Information on the artist and the created symbol(s) is provided with the artwork, and each piece is guaranteed with regard to authenticity and quality.

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Venture West Native Arts
John & Meredith Sbragia
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