The creations of Canada's West Coast Native artists are among the most prized and respected forms of expression in the world today. More and more individuals and organizations are proudly displaying the deepest roots of Canada's heritage through these beautiful and profound art forms, Whether they serve a utilitarian purpose or become part of the decor, these superbly crafted symbols always speak with a universal power, eloquence and wisdom. Native art is a powerful mirror aimed at the core of our humanity, a mirror which transcends culture and brings us back to a universal, very ancient home. Simply put, Native art and culture gives the world the profound gift of making it real again. It is with a great sense of honour, respect and dedication that we assist, through this website, in that process.

Venture West Native Arts provides a unique, personalized service to individuals and organizations in the supply of Northwest Coast Native jewellery, carvings and other artworks on request. Each piece is guaranteed with regard to authenticity and quality.

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Venture West Native Arts
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